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Exploratory work could secure Barrow gas jobs

ONGOING exploratory work could be the key to securing the future of around 170 gas workers in Barrow.

Centrica Energy is carrying out tests in a bid to find more gas around its gas fields in the eastern Irish Sea.

At present the firm is drilling in its Rhyl gas field, 39km from the Barrow coast, and conducting seismic scans in the Morecambe Bay gas field.

Drilling in the Rhyl field is expected to conclude in the next few weeks while the seismic exploration is at an “early stage”.

It is hoped the work will reveal signs of porous rock, such as sandstone, which is often a positive indicator of gas being present.

A spokeswoman for Centrica Energy said the firm was hopeful of finding further gas off the North West coast and said should this happen, jobs in Barrow and Morecambe would be secured, as well as potential apprenticeship programmes.

News of the renewed search has been met with enthusiasm in Barrow.

Councillor Brendan Sweeney, deputy leader of Barrow Borough Council, said: “The gas terminal has provided good quality jobs for Barrow and district for a good number of years. It would be really useful for the town if more gas was found. It would be excellent news in terms of employment, particularly if they could take on apprentices.

“It is really important, especially with the amount of youth unemployment we have in Barrow.”

Barrow and Furness MP John Woodcock said: “Centrica’s welcome investment in gas drilling is helping cement Furness as a key part of Cumbria’s energy coast.

“Successfully opening up new fields would in turn sustain current jobs and have the potential to create new apprenticeships – opportunities that are badly needed for young people.”

A statement from Centrica said: “Centrica remains very committed to the area and the community. We will continue to be a key local employer at our East Irish Sea gas terminals, Morecambe Bay gas fields, Rhyl gas field, Rampside terminal and windfarms.’’

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I was the offshore manager of a survey ship which completed a seismic shoot (not scans - please note correct terminology NWEM) off the south of Walney in 1998.

Whilst we onboard the vessel never got to see the final product of any of our surveys (it takes days and months of high-tech processing), the onboard geophysicists were able to tell me that there were some very big oil deposits down there. However, at that time it would have been too costly and inefficient to extract it....

Lets wish Centrica success with their survey and hope they can fill the "energy gap" just a little bit :-)

Posted by Matt on 3 December 2012 at 19:34

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