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Friday, 28 August 2015

Excellent pen of hoggs sold

A PLEASING number forward met a slightly reduced trade than the previous week although following the national trend. Top price on the day realised 217.95ppkg for an excellent pen of 39kg meaty Beltex Hoggs for vendor L Armistead, Sinkfall being purchased by D Stamper, Preston. Top pounds per head reached £88 for a pen of good quality 51.5kg Texels exhibited by J R Whitton, Low Lodge being purchased by J H Brown, Lindal.

Prime Hoggs

Other Leading Prices: £86(btex) Low Lodge; £85(btex) Sink Fall; £84(cha) Low Lodge; £82(tex) Low Lodge; £66(suf) Water Blean/Glebe; £65(cha) Dove Ford; £65(chev) Dove Ford; £63(herd) Walnut Hill; £63(black) Old Hall (Ulv); £56(jac) Glebe; £55(mule) Walnut Hill; £45(sw) Far End.

Prime Cattle & OTM Cattle

A good number forward saw trade continuing to hold firm with averages reaching 198.83ppkg for Steers and 197.75ppkg for Heifers, top price on the day realised 217.50ppkg (£1231.05) for a marvellous 566kg Limousin Steer exhibited by R Falconer & Son, Water Blean being purchased by T Postlethwaite & Co, Urswick. Top price Heifer reached 213.50ppkg reaching a value of £1,353.59 also being top pounds per head on the day for a well finished shapy 634kg Limousin Heifer shown by P Ashburner, Bracken Beck being purchased by L Fell, Settle.

Other Leading Prices: Limousin Steer 190.50ppkg Plumpton Cottage; Limousin Hfr 209.50ppkg Water Blean; British Blue Hfr 204.50ppkg Moor Green; British Blue Hfr 178.50ppkg Moor Green; Simmental Hfr 208.50ppkg Strudda Bank; Simmental Hfr 196.50ppkg Strudda Bank; Blue Grey Hfr 211.50ppkg Moor Green; Blonde Hfr 206.50ppkg New Close; OTM Cha Cow 98.50ppkg Ormsgill Fm;

Calves, Beef Breeding & Store Cattle

A good entry saw trade being similar to previous weeks and it is advisable to take advantage of this optimistic time. Top price Stores on the day reached £1065 twice for two strong Limousin Heifers exhibited by M & A M Irving & Son, Dove Ford. Also reaching over the thousand mark was a very strong British Blue Heifer realising £1,030 for exhibitor J Hornby & Son, Bowesfield. A good number of calves forward met a buoyant trade with weeks old Limousin Bull Calves reaching £295 for Kirkby & Longworth, Sella Farm and similar aged British Blue Bull Calves reaching £265 for the same vendor. Young and vigorous British Friesian Bull Calves reached a high of £75 for B & A Armitstead, Hullater Farm. A good outfit of a Simmental Cow with a Heifer Calf at foot reached £820 for J K Case, Foreslack.

Other Leading Prices: Limousin Steer £955 Rathvale; Limousin Steer £950 Rathvale; Welsh Black Steer £700 Blenkett; Blonde Steer £640 Blenkett; AA Hfr £510 Foreslack; Friesian Steer £630 Blenkett/Manor (Barrow); BB Steer £985 New Hall; BB Steer £980 New Hall; AA Steer £820 Foreslack; Red Poll Steer £870 Moss House; Red Poll Steer £800 Moss House; Ayr Steer £510 Blenkett; Hol/Fr Bull £345 Foreslack; Br Fr Bull Calf £40 Hullater;

Cast Ewes/Rams

Still a good entry coming forward with prices staying similar to previous weeks. Fleshier types are easier to cash. Top price on the day realised £71 for strong Suffolks exhibited by P & C Stable, Long Rigg being purchased by G P Jones, Wrexham.

Other Leading prices: Texels £63 Long Rigg; Texels £60 Gleaston Castle; Suffolks £67 Bridge End; Mules £62 Barn Hey; Mules £60 New Close; Swaledales £35 Far End; Charolais £57.50 Lane End; Herdwicks £44 Far Kiln Bank.

  Avppkg Topppkg Av£/hd Top£/hd
Black 143.18 143.18 63 63
Beltex 195.97 217.95 82.13 86
Charolais 131.84 149.37 57.69 84
Cheviot 141.73 149.40 63.50 65
Herdwick 137.51 150.13 56 63
Jacob 143.60 143.60 55 55
Mule 118.24 121.95 51 55
Suffolk 140.84 146.63 60.88 66
Swaledale 112.55 116.22 44.33 45
Texel 148.35 178.48 62.37 88


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