Thursday, 03 September 2015

Electronics store boss toasts launch of new Barrow shop

THE boss of a new store which trades in second-hand technology and entertainment goods believes it can fill a gap in Barrow’s high street.

NEW START Staff celebrate the grand opening of the new CeX store in Dalton Road, Barrow SUBMITTED

CeX celebrated its grand opening at its new premises in Barrow on Saturday, creating 12 jobs with recruitment for an apprentice to start soon.

The store, the company’s first in Cumbria, trades in phones, gaming, DVDs, electronics, music, computing and monitors.

Stephen Hall, CeX store manager of the Dalton Road branch, said: “We’re different from other second-hand retailers in the area because we only specialise in digital entertainment.

CeX describes itself as a “revolutionary recycling retailer,” specialising in the buying, selling, exchanging and donating of a range of electronic products.

Mr Hall said these type of shops have been around for “donkey’s years”, but added their success did reflect the effects of the recession on the consumer.

He said: “I suppose the beauty of our store is it’s more to do with the trade side.

“You can trade something towards something else – you can trade some DVDs for a phone, you can trade a phone towards a laptop, or a laptop towards a games console.

“It’s certainly something that’s been going for years anyway. Ebay is a prime example. It’s been going very strong doing a similar kind of thing, but it’s basically like a shop version of that, if you like. And in the current climate, it’s the perfect time because people don’t have the same money.

“This way, they don’t even have to spend any money – they can literally swap something for something else.”


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