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Does civic trust plan for Cockermouth flag get your vote?

Cockermouth could soon have its own flag to fly as an emblem of the town.

If the flag receives official registration it could be flown on top of prominent buildings such as the town hall.

Cockermouth Civic Trust has been working on the ambitious plan with flag expert Philip Tibbetts, assistant to the chief vexillologist of the Flag Institute and an advisor to the Parliamentary Flags and Heraldry Committee.

The idea came from Mr Tibbetts, who has also helped to design civic flags for Penrith and Preston, when he was invited to view Cockermouth Castle.

He was invited to a civic trust meeting to explain his ideas.

He has incorporated into the design the civic trust’s desire for it to reflect the confluence of the rivers Derwent and Cocker, the castle and a reference to famous sons of the town.

The design shows blue lines representing the converging rivers with a representation of the castle, a daffodil and star shape.

John Dent, secretary of Cockermouth Civic Trust, said: “The idea is that in the three partitions we have a castle which symbolises the history of Cockermouth, a daffodil which symbolises the town’s artistic legacy – representing Wordsworth –- and the star shape which symbolises the scientific legacy, representing both the stars of astronomy for Fearon Fallows and the atomic furnace of the sun representing John Dalton.

“We think a flag would be unique to Cockermouth and would be an asset.

“Once registered it could possibly be flown on top of the town hall or the castle, subject to permission, and miniatures could be provided for visitors.”

The design has been sent to the town council and local groups for their views.

The chief vexillologist would have to accept the design before the flag can be registered with the Flag Institute.

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Just like the modern day Cockermouth Civic Trust, the flag is pretentious and ill thought out.

Posted by Ashley on 22 November 2012 at 22:07

I have nothing against the idea of a town flag in principle - it's just that this particular design is a bit rubbish. I spent a while pondering what significance of a razor blade has for the town, before eventually realising that it is in fact a representation of the Castle. Also, I initially thought that the flag had two stars - a fat one and a skinny one - later to be struck by the dawning realisation that the fat star is actually a daffodil. So, flag yes, razors and fat stars, no.

Posted by Evil McBad on 22 November 2012 at 18:45

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