Monday, 31 August 2015

Do you want to be crowned as Dalton Carnival queen?

THE search is on for a young lady to carry out a regal appointment in Furness this summer.

Dalton Carnival Committee wants to find a carnival queen to represent the town for the big event on June 8.

Dalton Carnival also needs two ladies-in-waiting and two princesses.

The carnival queen and ladies-in-waiting are to be aged 10 to 16, and the princesses six to 10. All the girls are to be from Dalton.

Girls who are interested are asked to write a letter, to be emailed to Val Robinson, the secretary of Dalton Carnival Committee.

The letter should outline why they would like to be carnival queen / a lady-in-waiting / a princess, and how they would help Dalton during their reign.

Mrs Robinson also asks that the girls provide background on themselves, their hobbies and what they may already be contributing to the town.

The letters should be sent to by March 15. By the end of March a date will be set up for the candidates to have an informal chat with two independent people who will select which girls receive the roles. The new carnival queen is due to be crowned at the end of April by last year’s carnival queen Aimee Iddon.

One of the carnival queen’s responsibilities on the day is presenting the dancing trophies to the successful dance schools.

Later during the summer she will also be involved in presenting cheques to good causes that benefit from carnival day.

Mrs Robinson said they will be looking for a carnival queen who is outgoing and can express herself, but she said some of the girls who are not as confident at the start do grow in confidence during the experience.

She said: “It is amazing to see the girls become more confident. It is a great experience for them. They get their dresses made and they get to feel very special.”

Interested girls and their families can also call Mrs Robinson on 07917 640025 for more details.

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