Tuesday, 01 September 2015

Demanding Ulverston auction mart buyers want more cattle at sale

ANOTHER pleasing number forward fell in line with trade nationally with prices reaching a high of 190.00ppkg for quality 40kg Texels shown by P & S S Allonby, Newholme being purchased by A Dawson, Sedbergh.

IN demand Tony Atkinson selling his prime steer at Ulverston Auction Mart

Prime Lambs

Top pounds per head realised £83 for an excellent pen of 63kg Suffolks exhibited by Messrs Lindsay, Seaton Hall being purchased by J H Brown, Lindal.

Other leading prices: £81 (tex) Redbrow; £80 (tex) Great Knott; £72 (tex) Walthwaite; £77 (tex) Dunningwell; £76 (tex) Riddings; £79.50 (suf) Moss House; £74 (suf) Walthwaite; £77 (cha) Dunningwell; £76 (cha) Riddingside; £74 (mule) Kengarth; £71 (mule) Far Mountbarrow; £73 (mash) Far Mountbarrow; £69 (chev) Long Garth.

Prime cattle

With only a small entry forward, buyers left disappointed in not fulfilling orders. More are needed to meet buyer requirements. Top price on the day was 216.50ppkg reaching £1,407.25 for a well-fed 650kg Limousin steer exhibited by P Bradley, Moor Green being purchased by N & S Rhodes Quality Butchers of Barrow.

Top price heifer realised 209.50ppkg (£1,173.20) for a well-finished 560kg British blue shown by T & M E Johnson, Marsh Farm being purchased by S H Bowes, Stainton. Top pounds per head realised an immense £1,685.08 (204.50ppkg) for a tremendous 824kg Aberdeen angus steer shown by D C & M A Bowes, Priory Park being purchased also by S H Bowes, Stainton.

Other leading prices: Sim Steer 213.50ppkg Priory Park; Lim Steer 211.50ppkg Priory Park; BB Steer 211.50ppkg Moor Green; Lim Steer 211.50ppkg Riddingside ;

Lim Steer 209.50ppkg Moor Green; AA Steer 204.50ppkg Priory Park.

Store lambs

A good entry of store lambs were forward to a very eager ringside of buyers. Top price on the day reached £58.50 for a good pen of Texels shown by T Waddington, Hill Farm.

Other Leading Prices: Texels £51 Oaks Farm; TexX £46 Standish Cote; Black £47 Oaks Farm; Clun £47 Hill Farm.

Cast ewes/rams

A much-improved entry forward met a similar trade with Texels realising £56 for W S Hool, Collin Pit. Mules reached £54 for AT Threlkeld Ltd, Bowkerstead being purchased by G P Jones, Wrexham.

Other leading prices: Mules £50 Alps; Texels £48 Corney Hall; Suffolks £47 Wyke Farm; Cheviot £46 Kengarth; Scotch £31 Alps.

  Avppkg Topppkg Av£/hd Top£/hd
Black 161.63 161.63 69.50 69.50
Charolais 169.32 175.29 72.38 77.00
Cheviot 166.27 166.27 69.00 69.00
Dorset 167.57 167.57 62.00 62.00
Masham 168.20 168.20 73.00 73.00
Mule 150.25 157.66 71.67 74.00
Suffolk 165.84 173.91 75.69 83.00
Texel 165.59 190.00 73.25 81.00


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