Sunday, 30 August 2015

County spring used in skin care range

A CUMBRIAN businessman has launched an anti-ageing skin care range which sources its main ingredient from the Lake District.

Paul Arnold’s Salix Alba day cream range features products for men and women, and uses water from a Cartmel Valley spring, containing a natural form of salicin.

The 52-year-old is hoping that the anti-inflammatory agent, which is found in water filtered through willow bark, will provide a natural alternative for those seeking younger looking skin.

Mr Arnold, who lives in Kirkby Lonsdale, said: “I was a partner in Arnold's Health and Fitness club in Ulverston some years ago, and we specialised in helping clients with skin complaints.

“And I have previously retailed skin enhancing serums so I knew that consumers were looking towards a natural anti-ageing alternative to using chemical laden products.

“Salix Alba is handmade in the Lake District, contains no parabens or synthetics and is unperfumed. And it also contains blackberry leaf extract, green tea and rosehip oil, and calcium and magnesium.”

The new range, which launched this month in Manchester, has been manufactured in Ulverston and is set to be retailed at a price of £95 per 50ml.

Mr Arnold said: “We named the company Salix Alba because that is Latin for ‘white willow’. That is where the salicin comes from.

“The water picks up the ingredient from the composite layers of willow underground in the Lake District.

“It is filtered through a subterranean aquifer that was once a prehistoric white willow forest.

“No other moisturising creams use salicin from the Cartmel Valley Spring, we have secured exclusive rights to protect the brand.

“It has been a long road to get our products on to the market. I was told you haven't got a chance by one of the big skin care companies, but that made me all the more determined.

“It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to take a local product into perhaps a future international market and we are already in talks with major national retailers.”

Products are now available online at


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