Wednesday, 02 September 2015

Company behind West Cumbria wind farm admits breaking planning rules

An energy company building wind turbines has admitted breaking planning conditions by driving lorries through villages near Cockermouth.

Renewable Energy Solutions admitted entering villages in the Tallentire area on three occasions which is against planning conditions set out at an appeal in 2010.

The company, which is constructing six 328ft high turbines at Tallentire Hill, said the lorries entered the villages by mistake and apologised to residents.

Rachel Anderson, community relations manager for RES, said: “During the construction of Tallentire wind farm there have been three instances where vehicles working on the wind farm have entered villages in the surrounding area.

“On one of these occasions when work was taking place on a water supply we actively placed water tankers in two villages so we could respond immediately should any problems arise.

“In the other two instances the vehicles entered the village by mistake and with each of these RES has immediately taken action and kept local community representatives and the council fully informed.”

Allerdale council said it was aware of one incident and had been informed by RES.

Kevin Kerrigan, council head of development services, added: “If we were to receive further complaints regarding this we would then look at taking legal action.”

A community liaison group meeting was held on Tuesday where RES said they would look for permission from Cumbria County Council to install temporary signs at the exits to villages along the A595.

A dry run in installing the wind turbines took place yesterday where an empty lorry, simulating the longest part of the turbine, was transported along a route to the site. The lorry was accompanied by RES staff.

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seen there breaking the planning rules i would tell them to remove the structures and get off the site in question.give these guys an inch and thell take a mile.

Posted by robert 3 on 28 January 2013 at 18:45

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