Thursday, 03 September 2015

Cattle trade healthy


IN THE RING: Paul Bradley, Bootle, selling his Prime Heifer

Prime Hoggs

AN excellent entry of 1,065 Hoggs forward to a crowded ringside of buyers were a better trade than anticipated with an overall average of 139.43ppkg.

Good, meaty, well fleshed hoggs met premium prices throughout the sale. Reaching a high of 200.00ppkg was a smart pen of 39kg Beltex Hoggs exhibited by I Wilson, Low Flan being purchased by D Stamper, Chipping. Top pounds per head realised £79 for a quality pen of 45kg Texels shown by W J & J M Mulcaster, Close Foot being purchased also by D Stamper, Chipping.

Other Leading Prices: £78(btex) Low Flan; £76.50(tex) Mansriggs Hall; £70.50(cha) Stank; £69(cha) Hollowmire; £68(btex) Birch Bank; £67(suf) Rathvale; £66.50(tex) Woodend; £66(tex) Headhouse; £65(suf) Mansriggs Hall; £64(suf) Mansriggs Hall; £53(herd) Channel House; £53.50(mule) Netherhouses; £53(scot) Far Mountbarrow; £52.50(mule) Castle Hill/Rathvale.

  Avppkg Topppkg Av£/hd Top£/hd
Black 129.30 131.91 56.33 62.00
Beltex 177.12 200.00 68.13 78.00
Charolais 144.53 156.67 62.07 70.50
Cheviot 122.91 122.91 44.00 44.00
Herdwick 137.66 141.89 53.00 63.00
Jacob 119.32 119.32 42.00 42.00
Kerry 118.28 118.28 44.00 44.00
Llan 135.00 135.00 54.00 54.00
Mule 112.73 119.32 48.46 53.50
Scotch 129.27 129.27 53.00 53.00
Suffolk 136.51 148.84 61.22 79.00
Swaledale 89.39 89.39 32.00 32.00
Texel 144.06 187.18 61.22 79.00

Prime Cattle & OTM Cattle

A very pleasing number of good, well fed quality cattle were forward to an eager ringside of buyers resulting in a very healthy optimistic trade. Averages reached 199.70ppkg for Steers, 195.38ppkg for Heifers and 134.33ppkg for OTM Cattle.

Top price on the day realised 224.50ppkg (£1,207.81) for a very well finished shapy 538kg Limousin Steer exhibited by M J Cleasby, High Ghyll being purchased by T Postlethwaite & Co, Urswick. Top price Heifer reached a good price of 223.50ppkg (£1,394.64) for a top quality 624kg Blonde D’Aquitaine Heifer for vendor P Bradley, Moor Green being purchased also by T Postlethwaite & Co, Urswick. Nearly all prime cattle were reaching the £1,300 and £1,400 per head mark, but reaching the top pounds per head on the day was a 750kg outstanding Limousin Steer exhibited by P Wilson, Sandgate realising £1593.75 (212.50ppkg) being purchased by L Fell, Settle. Top price OTM reached 149.50ppkg for a fleshy British Friesian Heifer exhibited by M/s Rothery, New Hall being purchased by L Fell, Settle.

Other Leading Prices: Prime Limousin Steer 212.50ppkg Sandgate; Limousin Hfr 208.50ppkg Moor Green; British Blue St 217.50ppkg Sandgate; British Blue Hfr 186.50ppkg Plumpton Cottage; Blonde St 190.50ppkg Plumpton Cottage; Blonde Hfr 220.50ppkg Moor Green; Charolais Hfr 187.50ppkg Cookson Place; British Fr Steer 174.50ppkg Cookson Place.

Other Leading Prices: OTM British Fr Hfr 141.50ppkg New Hall; British Fr Cow 130.50ppkg New Hall; British Fr Cow 125.50ppkg Long Rigg; BB Cow 117.50ppkg Water Blean.

Store Lambs

A small entry saw trade reflecting the Prime trade with Texel Hoggs reaching £32 and £31 for MR Stephenson, Salterwath.

Cast Ewes/Rams

An excellent entry of nearly 400 Ewes and Rams were forward to a ringside of optimistic buyers saw trade slightly improving on previous weeks. Fleshier ewes were easier to cash although strong hill bred types were reaching premium prices. Top price on the day realised £111 for a pen of huge Texel Ewes exhibited by E & C A Shuttleworth, Far Mountbarrow being purchased by D Kirby, Bishop Thornton.

Other Leading Prices: Texels £105 Far Mountbarrow; Texels £100 Far Mountbarrow; Suffolks £78 Far Mountbarrow; Mules £62.50 Moss House/Far Mountbarrow; Swaledales £40 Stable Harvey; Swaledales £36 Whicham Hall/Birk How; Cheviots £40 Dove Ford; Herdwicks £42 Birk How; Herdwicks £41 Birk How; Roughs £35 Marsh Grange ; BFL £82 Rainbow Cottage; Jacob £52 Moor Green; Wiltshire £48 Bandrake; Charolais £62 Stable Harvey.


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