Monday, 31 August 2015

Cashpot bonanza for South Lakes projects

A SCHEME to allow councillors in South Lakeland to spend £1,000 a year on projects in their ward is being considered.

Initially the plan would be trialled for a year – with each ward representative having the final say on how the money was used.

Suggestions put forward for how it might be spent include new playground equipment, noticeboards or a community event.

The proposal was announced at a meeting of SLDC’s cabinet committee in Kendal by authority leader Councillor Peter Thornton.

It is set to go before members of the full council this month.

Cllr Thornton told the Evening Mail: “If a councillor wants to apply for a large amount, like £10,000, for their ward we have effective systems in place.

“But when it’s a small amount, we don’t.

“This will provide councillors with the opportunity to fill in a simple, single-sided form and spend that money where it’s needed.”

Cllr Thornton said councillors would also be able to pool their money for larger projects.

He said: “The six councillors in Ulverston might decide they want to get together and put £6,000 towards something of their choice that is needed in the community.”

The plan was welcomed by both Liberal Democrat and Conservative group members.

The meeting was told that the money – £51,000 – will come from the New Homes Bonus fund.

This money is paid to the authority by the government for every new home that is built in the area.

Most of the cash will used to fund more affordable homes across the area.

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Hi Tony
Just to let you know that we're proposing a Council Tax freeze again this year - for the third year in a row. The money referred to in the article is coming from he New Homes Bonus and this is a way of ensuring hat it benefits the whole District and not just those areas with new housing.

Posted by Peter Thornton on 7 February 2013 at 19:40

And Council Tax is going up yet again!

If councillors are free to hose thousands of pounds of cash at 'project's then they have to much cash coming.

Cut the Council Tax instead and help more people get through the recession.

Posted by Tony on 6 February 2013 at 18:14

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