Saturday, 05 September 2015

Carlisle businesswoman named ‘Girl of the Year’

Businesswoman Sarah Clive has been named ‘Girl of the Year’ at the inaugural Girls Mean Business Awards.

Sarah Clive photo
Sarah Clive

The 33-year-old, of Broad Street, Carlisle, moved to Cumbria from Somerset to set up a life-coaching business at the end of last year.

Initially called Inspired By Life, it now goes under the name Life’s Too Short.

In July she added the Superhero Academy, aimed at businesses. This helps clients design and build web sites and develop their businesses through webinars, marketing and public speaking.

She also teaches the importance of non-verbal communication.

She was nominated for the Girls Mean Business Awards by a client.

Girls Mean Business is an online community for women in business and its awards – presented at Covent Garden in London earlier this month – recognise outstanding achievement.

Miss Clive said: “I knew the other two short-listed businesses and I knew they were good, so I was surprised to win.

“I have been really pleased by the way the Superhero Academy has taken off. I set it up because I thought there was a demand and it has exceeded my expectations.”

She encourages business clients to let their personality shine through.

She added: “People want to create a professional impression but are almost afraid to put their own identity into their website.

“They feel they have to have a business persona and that bothers me.

“There are a lot of people out there who have amazing things to say with wonderful messages and a huge breadth of knowledge and yet they don’t feel confident about putting that out into the world. I aim to help people find their authentic voice in business. I give them the tools and platforms to be themselves and to use that to earn money.”

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