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Barrow traders say takeaways harming area

TOWN centre traders say the debris left by drunken revellers – including vomit, takeaway containers and blood – is blighting their street.

ANGRY: Councillor Anne Burns (left) with members of the business community in Cavendish Street, Barrow – Terri Rushton, Elaine Burley, June Forrest, Elaine Rollinson and Anita O’Reilly JON GRANGER REF: 50041060B000

Shop owners in Cavendish Street, Barrow, are concerned about the growing number of takeaways in the street and believe council planners must take action before its retail heritage is lost.

Business owners said the street is littered with empty takeaway cartons, food, vomit and urine on Saturday, Sunday and Monday mornings.

One shop owner was reportedly reduced to tears after clearing vomit and urine outside their shop.

Along with rubbish, the traders are concerned business will be damaged further if more takeaways open in the street.

Terri Rushton, who runs Wedding Daze with her sister, Anita O’Riley, said: “The street has got to saturation point. I don’t know how many more takeaways the street can take.”

Since June, traders said four premises have become vacant in the street – with one awaiting planning permission to open as a takeaway.

Councillor Anne Burns, a member of Cumbria County Council and Barrow Borough Council, said: “Six councillors went out with the police at 2am on a Saturday and we could not believe the amount of people milling around.

“The clubs are well policed and they work hard but they can’t do it all.

“Town centres are struggling – takeaways aren’t encouraging people into the town centre.”

Elaine Burley, who runs Oasis Florist, said: “The last person who owned my shop had their windows put through at new year.”

Ms O’Riley stressed traders were not against the burgeoning night life but favoured keeping it in the Cornwallis Street area in a bid to preserve the “largest street of sole traders” in Barrow.

Cllr Burns told traders she would work with the council in a bid to stem the takeaway tide but warned traders the hands of planners were “tied”.

Michael New, manager of the Sizzle-In in Cavendish Street, said: “There are too takeaways many now. It’s very competitive in Cavendish Street and it should have been left with just a few, rather than having them on every corner.

“Most of our customers end up eating their food inside so we put the rubbish in the bin but we do encourage people not to throw their rubbish on the floor.”

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good way of promoting a dying business to complain about the mess,we have street cleaners wich is payed for by taxpayers why don`t they clear up these places when they start at 7,o`clock be done in half an hour,well before these shops open,another thing makes me laugh barrovians are always moaning about shops being empty but when one opens they moan,it would be well if barrow folded as it`s becoming a rubbish place,one more thing barrow is always saying hey want to be a thriving town,so why don`t they employ people like they do in manchester ,liverpool etc,to clear up after the revellers have gone home,

Posted by paul on 16 November 2012 at 16:27

I honestly think that Ulverston should now entertain more fast food places.

Maybe a Burger King or more Kebab houses?

Posted by Dave on 16 November 2012 at 15:47

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