Thursday, 03 September 2015

Barrow pair who wed later in life speak of their love

TO listen to Brenda and Charley Wimbledon’s good-natured bickering you would think they have been married for 60 years.

“He’s on the computer nearly every day and it drives me mad. And he eats crisps all day,” Mrs Wimbledon said jokingly.

“I only go on the computer after I’ve done the washing up, drying up, hoovering and all the work first,” her husband insisted.

The couple tied the knot just six months ago after a whirlwind courtship – something which speaks volumes about their special connection.

“That’s how we are – always laughing and joking with each other,” Mr Wimbledon, 61, said.

“It was like a prince meeting his princess and the bond there is so great.”

Mrs Wimbledon – nee Hetherington – was 75 and had never even had a boyfriend when her future husband moved into Barrow’s Seymour Court housing complex early last year.

While admitting she “didn’t like him at first”, it took Mr Wimbledon only a week to work his charm and win her over.

Seymour Court manager Sue Hunt, who has worked at the complex for 32 years, said it was the first time two residents had met there and married.

On July 21 – Mrs Wimbledon’s 76th birthday – the two lovebirds married at a ceremony that attracted national media attention.

Six months later, the Evening Mail caught up with the couple to find out how their first year of marriage was progressing.

“It has changed me because I’m happy,” Mrs Wimbledon said.

“I wasn’t before, but I’m happy now. All my friends can see it and I love him to bits.”

Mr Wimbledon, who has been divorced twice and lost a third partner to cancer, said he never dreamed he would find love again.

“We’re made for each other and I would walk to the ends of the earth for her,” he said. “I can’t imagine life without her.”

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rem acouple meeting when she 90 he 88,when lived on worcester st,had 3 fantastic years together,nice to see still happens you never to old to remarry be happy in later life,many happy yrs together.

Posted by peter whitehead on 19 January 2013 at 20:02

What a nice story. A realative of mine re-married at 69 and her husband was 71. They are now 93 and 95 and had a very happy healthy life as well as celebrating their 25th Anniversary a few years ago.
I wish this lovely couple a long and happy life too.

Posted by A. Black on 19 January 2013 at 03:29

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