Monday, 31 August 2015

Barrow lifeboats rescue capsized vessels

LIFEBOAT crews were scrambled after a boat capsized.

Barrow’s RNLI crew were called at 1.23pm on Saturday after a dinghy had capsized in Walney Channel off the Roa Island causeway, off the coast of Barrow.

The vessel’s crew had been thrown overboard and were unable to right the boat.

The Vision of Tamworth inshore rescue boat and the all weather lifeboat Grace Dixon were launched and soon located the struggling crew.

A spokesman said a number of boats were affected on the tide and a 21ft trimaran also capsized with a lone crew member.

The Vision of Tamworth was dispatched and after hauling the yachtsman aboard the lifeboat, the crew assessed the situation and found the mast still had a sail attached which barred attempts to right the half-ton vessel.

The Grace Dixon arrived on scene at 2.05pm and attached a tow rope and tried to right the disabled vessel, which worked on a second attempt.

Coxswain Shaun Charnley said “It was a fairly lively afternoon with a few dinghies and this trimaran getting caught out by the conditions.

“The gusty wind which was Force 6 from the northwest, acted against the incoming spring tide which was quite big, causing the sea to be quite choppy.

“Thankfully we got them back safely”.

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