Tuesday, 01 September 2015

Barrow HR team gives students a first class experience

A HUMAN resources firm and a university have joined forces to offer business management students a unique opportunity to gain real experience.

TurnstoneHR in Barrow and Lancaster University Management School (LUMS) forged the partnership to provide the scholars with experience of business strategy development.

After being accepted to be part of the prestigious scheme, TurnstoneHR met with the team of six students to brief them on the project, which requires the students to undertake market research and review the business’ systems and procedures.

They will then be expected to produce a report advising TurnstoneHR on further opportunities to engage with potential clients and to refine its existing structure – all with the aim of contributing towards TurnstoneHR’s business plan and marketing strategy.

Phil Collier, TurnstoneHR’s managing director, said: “Not only is this a great opportunity for the business people of tomorrow to work with a real company and put in to practice the theory they have learn so far, but it’s also a great chance to use the skills of some extremely bright young business students to provide us with a new and innovative perspective of our business.”

“The timing of the project is perfect. TurnstoneHR is about to enter its fifth year, and as we have grown considerably faster than we expected to, it is important for us to review our business strategy to ensure we can continue to deliver the same level of excellence to our clients that we do today.”

The project manager at LUMS, Jennifer Peasnell, said: “We are thrilled to be working with TurnstoneHR on their business and marketing strategy. There is no substitute for experience, and working with TurnstoneHR at this level will enable our students to really understand how a business works, and what is required to make it successful. “

The final project report presented to TurnstoneHR will contribute significantly towards their grade.


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