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Barrow gas blast road to remain closed for six months

THE scene of a dramatic explosion is set to remain closed to traffic for up to six months.

investigation Oxford Street at the junction with Ainslie Street is closed due to repair work on the end house following the gas explosion on June 25 HARRY ATKINSON REF: 50051346B000

On June 25 the home of 93-year-old Anne Hall on the junction of Ainslie Street and Oxford Street, in Barrow, was ripped apart by a major explosion, closing a large part of the street.

Ainslie Street reopened on July 12 but council engineers have said the junction with Oxford Street will remain closed for up to six months while the house is repaired.

The closure has turned Oxford Street into a half-mile long cul-de-sac sending buses into a warren of side streets to complete their routes.

Council engineers have said the rear of the house will be demolished and there are several visible cracks to the front of the house.

And Mrs Hall will have to apply for planning permission if the part of the house earmarked for demolition is to be rebuilt.

A spokesman for Cumbria County Council said: “A structural engineer assessed the property and his advice was Ainslie Street could be re-opened as the extent of crack damage to the front of the property was not structurally significant.

“However, the structural engineer’s advice was also that Oxford Street should remain closed for the duration of the repair work to the property which could be up to six months.

“This is so that the load bearing scaffold can be erected across the public footpath and the public highway and the contractor repairing the rear of the property can use this area for the location of a site cabin, storage container and the positioning of skips.”

It is understood 93-year-old Mrs Hall is well and is staying with family while the repairs are carried out.

A Health and Safety Executive investigation into the cause of the explosion is ongoing and could take several months to complete.

Kevan Morrison, building control manager at Barrow Borough Council, said: “As far as I’m aware the whole building doesn’t need to be demolished but there will be demolition of the back as suggested.”

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What a complete and complete utter joke this sums everything up at BBC really!! You could knock it down and rebuild it in less that 3 months. On a main road and bus route too !!

Posted by Mark C on 31 July 2013 at 15:56

6 months!!!!?
@ Ainslie Street resident: The other side of the coin is increased traffic on side streets. H & S gone mad. Only in Britain.

Posted by Geoff P on 31 July 2013 at 14:06

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