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Barrow families’ fresh grief over damage to child graves

THE families of dead children are demanding action after their loved-ones’ memorials were desecrated.

FED UP Wendy Egerton and Rebecca Higgins are tired of the vandalism in the children’s section at Barrow Cemetery JON GRANGER REF: 50044949B000

In the latest incident at Barrow Cemetery, wind chimes at the grave of Jayden Egerton were set on fire and toys left on the grave were knocked off.

Jayden was stillborn to mother Jade, who is battling cancer, when she was six months pregnant.

Wendy Egerton, 21-year-old Jade’s mother, said the damage had been discovered about 1pm on Sunday.

Mrs Egerton, 50, of St Luke’s Avenue, Barrow, said it was an ongoing problem. “It doesn’t help Jade, it sets her back every time something happens,” she said.

“It’s not nice, a fortnight ago five children’s graves had everything stolen from them.”

Mum Rebecca Higgins says people have also damaged the grave of her daughter Kieana, who has been buried there for nearly eight years after a sudden unexplained death in childhood (SUDC) shortly before her second birthday.

Mrs Higgins , of Barrow, said paint had been sprayed on Kieana’s headstone and ornaments she left there had been stolen.

She said: “As a parent you want to protect your children, whether they are alive or dead, and when you go up there and find someone has hurt your baby’s possessions it hurts so badly, as well as dealing with the grief you have every day.”

Mrs Egerton and Mrs Higgins say more should be done to protect the cemetery from vandals.

They say anti-vandal paint on the walls and night patrols could help combat the problem.

Mrs Higgins believes children from nearby schools should not be allowed to use the cemetery as a shortcut.

However, Keith Johnson, assistant director of community services at Barrow Borough Council, said it was very hard to introduce such measures at the 40-acre site.

He said the council would raise the issue with the police, as well as speaking with local schools.

The women should contact the cemetery management if they wanted to set up a meeting with them and the police, he added.

Barrow police said it was investigating the incident at Jayden’s grave. Anyone with information is asked to contact PC Darren Henderson at Barrow police on 101.

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oh and Giles thanks for covering the story and highlighting the problem's again

Posted by Rebecca higgins on 26 February 2013 at 22:45

I cant believe nothings been done about this, wendy has been fighting for us all for a very long time and her determination is amazing and we all support her, the police and cemetry has made worthless promise's in the past and will most likly make more in the future, a lost loved one means as much to us as a living one and its discusting how these people dont understand that, cctv is in the town centre so picking your nose or scratching ur butt is nolonger private so what difference would it make having it in a cemetry to protect these angels. you say privacey is a big deal well so is scratching my butt on dalton road. Wheres the paint we were promised another false promise i see. The kids doing this really need to think about what they are doing I mean where are the parents? my 2 boys were never aloud of the street till they were teenagers and even then i had to know where they were what they were doing who they were with its called parenting and careing for your kids, someone knows who has done this to jayden so please have a heart stop it happening to another loved ones resting place no normal child would do this. report who did it to your teacher, your parents to anyone to help us get the culprits.

Posted by diana burns on 26 February 2013 at 22:27

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