Sunday, 30 August 2015

Barrow Cops and police dogs filmed for new show

THE canine and human crimefighters of Barrow will feature in a new programme due to be on television this month.

For a number of weeks a TV crew working for Channel 5 has been following police in the town for the programme Police Interceptors.

In previous series, the programme has followed Essex police’s Territorial Support Team and the South Yorkshire and Derbyshire road police.

The programme is the work of production company RawCut TV, which also made Road Wars for Sky One.

Since the autumn, camera crews from the company have been following police in Cumbria.

Some of the Barrow crimefighters who have been filmed for the show include PC Glenn Myerscough and his dog Dexter.

PC Myerscough handles both general purpose German shepherd Dexter, and Alfie, a spaniel specially trained to detect drugs and firearms.

“There have been four or five cameramen in Cumbria,” he said.

“There has been one in the south of the county who has mainly concentrated on working with the dog section.

“It has been good, they have got some good footage. There are obviously some serious moments and some quite funny moments too.”

One of the more lighthearted sequences includes footage of a man trying to activate a speed camera by running up and down the road as fast as he can.

Barrow temporary inspector Ian McClymont said it was important for the police to publicise the work they do in the community.

“I think we should promote the work that the dog section does,” he said.

“Some of the work they do in the field of drugs and the seizures they sniff out are fantastic.”

A spokesman for Channel 5 said the programme was due to be shown in late January.

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"Barrow temporary inspector Ian McClymont said it was important for the police to publicise the work they do in the community."

What is important is the police constables serve the people by catching criminals after a crime has been committed (stopping them from committing crime simply means the CPS and the courts wouldn't punish them as... no crime had been committed!)
and acting as a robust deterrent to criminal behaviour.

Posted by Tony on 3 January 2013 at 17:30

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