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Barrow attack victim: ‘I am left with nothing’

A MAN who “died four times” after his wrist was fractured by a violent thug says his attacker’s 19-month prison sentence is a ‘disgrace’.

Stephen Ley suffered four heart attacks after he was attacked by Darryl Mulholland outside the British Workman’s Club, known as the Kill One, in Duke Street, Barrow.

Mr Ley, 36, said his life had been “knackered” by the terrifying episode, which began when he was in the club – where he is a member – on Boxing Day last year.

Lancaster Crown Court was told yesterday how Mulholland, 23, had also been in the club drinking cider and vodka and playing on a slot machine.

Crown prosecutor Mr Mark Lamberty described how Mulholland, of Thwaite Street, Barrow, became increasingly agitated playing the slot machine and a member of the bar staff asked Mr Ley to “keep an eye on him”.

At around midnight Mulholland began arguing with his girlfriend and Mr Ley asked him to leave and followed the pair outside.

“The defendant then came towards him and he was punched to the ground by the defendant,” Mr Lamberty said.

Mulholland then stamped on his left arm, fracturing his wrist, he said.

Although he was initially taken to Furness General Hospital, Mr Ley then suffered the first of four heart attacks and was flown to the Blackpool Victoria Hospital for emergency treatment.

In sentencing Mulholland to 19 months jail, Judge Ian Leeming QC said he had taken into account his guilty plea to a charge of causing grievous bodily harm, but said the offence was too serious for any other penalty but a prison sentence.

Mulholland was not ordered to pay compensation to Mr Ley because of his lack of income or savings.

Mr Ley said he had hoped Mulholland would get at least three years.

The 36-year-old said he had not been able to continue his work as a builder since suffering the injury and had been left nervous about going out and socialising.

Although the court heard it was not clear whether his heart attacks were directly linked to the assault, he was convinced his fractured wrist had triggered them.

He said: “I am knackered. To move from earning a flat wage to nothing is rubbish. The justice system is a disgrace. I am not being funny, but 19 months is nothing. I am left with nothing.”

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What an absolute joke!! Can't believe he's only getting 19 mths and let's face it won't do 19 mths. Mr Ley was doing his committee duties and certainly didn't deserve what he got and to not be able to go about and do everyday things he used to without looking over his shoulders think it's a disgrace really I do. Where's the justice in this as I really don't see one
Thugs get away with everything these days n the likes of good people are left to suffer everyday living because of it, not on at all

Posted by Kelly on 23 November 2012 at 23:33

The Judge, Ian Lemming QC (Lemming?) should be struck off or at least prosecuted for gross leniency.

What kind of signal does this send to criminals? He is a disgrace to the profession! His thoughtless actions will undoubtedly lead to more innocent people being hurt.

Posted by Simon Silvie on 21 November 2012 at 10:56

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