Friday, 04 September 2015

BAE Systems given £32m research deal

A MULTI-MILLION research contract has been awarded to BAE Systems.

The £32m contract will see teams from BAE’s submarine and shipbuilding divisions work together in the new Maritime Collaborative Enterprise.

The project will bring together specialists in combat systems from BAE’s Naval Ships and Submarines divisions, including BAE’s Barrow shipyard, to gather and process information about the environment to aid battlespace command and control – both above and below water.

BAE Systems will create and manage the scheme to deliver a research programme under the management of the Defence
Science and Technology Laboratory, part of the MOD.

It is hoped the project will include new collaborators, including those without a background in defence, in order to stimulate fresh thinking and innovation.

Defence minister Philip Dunne said: “Encouraging technological innovation to flourish is vital to our national security and our prosperity. The contract is designed to maximise the reach of our science and technology funding, led by a team from BAE Systems, with numerous participants in the research, from large companies, to academia, to small and medium enterprises.”

A key feature of the BAE Systems approach is understanding how to turn paper concepts into reality by applying them directly to submarine and surface ship platforms.

The Maritime team has a long track record of working closely with technology companies and academia to deliver capabilities to UK Armed Forces.

BAE Systems Maritime – Submarines Combat Systems director Ian Hawkes said: “This is a great opportunity for innovators to get involved, bringing their ideas and expertise to the maritime domain.

“The Collaborative Enterprise is a good basis for productive working relationships between diverse organisations.”

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Tony, Wally
Despite as you rightly say this country being in recession. This country gives away hundred of millions to other countries including Muslim countries that want to attack us!! At least some of this money will go back into the British economy and provide jobs for British workers. I say well done BAE and good luck to the local people and families that will benefit from this work

Posted by Barrow tax payer on 22 November 2012 at 10:10

£32 million to deliver a... research programme?
Isn't the country in hock to it's neck?
Aren't we living through a 'double dip recession'?
Aren't the euronuts wanting us to hand over more cash to support their eurolunacy?
Parallel universes exist in plain sight apparently.

Posted by Tony on 21 November 2012 at 21:36

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