National TV exposure for modular homes firm

Thursday, January 12, 2017 at 11:32AM

CUMBRIAN holiday home manufacturer Retreat Homes is set to get national TV exposure.

The firm, based at a 50,000ft2 unit at Kirkbride Airfield, near Wigton, produces timber-framed, modaular homes. It employs 50 people and sources materials locally.

The firm has had TV coverage before and has also featured in national newspapers.

Its latest appearance comes after two customers purchased a home to be erected at Fritton Lakes Retreats on the Somerleyton Estate in Norfolk, home of the Somerleyton Hall stately home.

It will figure in a series dedicated to people who have bought prefabricated or modular homes that is due to be broadcast later this year or early in 2018.

It features two members of staff - Trevor Lawson, the production manager, and Wendy McKay, the company's sales and design consultant.

The business started in 2004 after Mr Lawson and Alan Rooke, the company's managing director, who were working at Carlisle College, received a challenge from a London-based firm of architects.

This developed into a business that now produces more than 50 of these homes each year.

Thee products are built to comply with National Caravan Council standards.

Mrs McKay said: "We can basically build them in any size that a client required.

"That could be a 10ft by 8ft artist's studio in the garden or something much larger."

She pointed out that these homes are far removed from the popular image of such lodges, adding that one had once sold for more than £400,000.

Each home comes equipped with everything it needs to have once it is in its final location, including plastering, plumbing and electrics.

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