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MP calls for Cumbrian industrial strategy

John Stevenson.
John Stevenson.
Wednesday, April 19, 2017 at 6:24PM

Carlisle MP John Stevenson has called for Cumbria to have its own industrial strategy.

Mr Stevenson made the comment in a question to Prime Minister Theresa May in the House of Commons.

Mr Stevenson said: "The Government wish to pursue a national industrial strategy. Cumbria has some specific strengths, such as tourism, agriculture and nuclear, but it also has some weaknesses.

"Will the Prime Minister agree that any industrial strategy in the next Parliament must take into account regional and sub-regional factors, and will she be receptive to a Cumbrian industrial strategy that works within a national one?"

Mrs May replied that the Government needed to examine regional issues when it came to economic planning.

"A very important part of our plans for a stronger Britain for the future, which is the modern industrial strategy that we are developing, because we want an economy that works for everyone, delivers good, high-skilled, high-paid jobs and creates conditions for competitive world-leading businesses to prosper here in the United Kingdom," she said.

"He is right to say that as we look at that industrial strategy we also need to look at particular factors in particular parts of the country. He has long been a champion not just for Carlisle but for Cumbria.

"I recognise the need, as does the Business Department, to tailor the industrial strategy according to the needs of particular areas of the country.

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