Monday, 31 August 2015

£15,000 grant cheer for booming Eden Brewery

There's nearly twice as much beer on tap at a Penrith brewery thanks to a £15,000 boost.

Eden Brewery photo
Jason Hill

The Eden Brewery, which is based in Brougham Hall, near Penrith, was given the money by the Rural Development Programme for England and has upped its production from 25 barrels a week to 45.

Jason Hill, who runs the brewery with business partner Stephen Mitchell, said the money helped them buy two new fermentation tanks to up their output.

Mr Hill said the popularity of its beer had made it clear there was a real need to invest in more equipment. The cash meant it had been able to employ a driver and assistant, he said.

“Things have taken off so much that it was obvious we had to take on more equipment to keep up with demand,” he said.

“There is a lot of competition out there among brewers in Cumbria and we are really happy with the reception our beers have had and that people want more.

“As the business keeps growing we will be looking to invest in more equipment by next year or the year after and potentially take on more admin, delivery and brewing staff.”

He said the grant was “an important step” in brewing “even more great beer and creating jobs in the area”.

“Both Steve and myself got into brewing as home brewers. Our original intention was to build a much smaller micro brewery in one of our sheds, but when we realised a septic tank and brewery were incompatible we looked for a small unit!,” he added. “The unit we found was too large for our small micro brewery, so we rolled the dice and bought a new five barrel plant in Dec 2011.”

Eden’s beers – which include Eden Best, Eden Gold, First Emperor and Eden Fuggle – have proved popular in Cumbria and further afield since the brewery began production in March 2012.

It also supplies Wyvern Lager and Wyvern Best Bitter which are served on the trains on the Settle-Carlisle Railway.

  • Cockermouth’s Bitter End recently anounced plans to relaunch its micro brewery at the pub.

The Kirkgate pub moved its brewing operation to the Derwent Mills Commercial Park in 2009 as it wanted to concentrate more on food.

The brewery closed in 2011 and sold its equipment to a London pub, but landlord Mike Askey has since decided to relaunch the business at its original location, building it from scratch.


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